San Pedro Creek

San-Pedro-Creek-MapThe San Pedro Creek Cultural Park and the Westside Creeks Ecosystem Restoration projects together extend 3.82 miles beginning at the creek’s flood control tunnel inlet near the IH 10/IH 35 interchange by W. Quincy to the confluence with the San Antonio River. This historic and once flourishing creek flows behind the Christopher Columbus Italian Society Hall, past the Alameda Theater, Spanish Governor’s Palace, City of San Antonio and Bexar County Offices, past urban residential housing, and an emerging arts district. It then meanders south of downtown through primarily residential neighborhoods before flowing into the San Antonio River.

San Pedro Creek receives runoff from a watershed that spans approximately 45.6 square miles stretching from just north of the intersection of Fredericksburg and Wurzbach Roads to the confluence with the San Antonio River just south of Probandt Street.

Capital Projects

Linear Trails along Apache, San Pedro, Alazan, and Martínez Creeks

San Pedro Creek Culture Park


Westside Creeks Restoration Project Conceptual Plan

San Antonio Channel Improvement Project, General Re-Evaluation Report and Environmental Assessment

San Pedro Creek Preliminary Report

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