About the Creeks

WSC-2014-Full-Map2The Westside Creeks are located entirely within the City of San Antonio’s urban core in Bexar County, Texas, extending west and northwest of downtown with a segment extending south of downtown to the San Antonio River. The project limits are based upon the 1954 federal San Antonio Channel Improvement Project (SACIP) that addressed flooding on San Pedro Creek from the confluence at the San Antonio River to West Quincy; Apache Creek from the confluence with San Pedro Creek to General McMullen; Alazán Creek from the confluence with Apache Creek to Josephine Tobin Drive;  Martínez Creek from the confluence with Alazán Creek to Hildebrand Avenue; and Zarzamora Creek from the confluence with Apache Creek at General McMullen to Alderete Park. In total, fourteen creek miles were impacted by the SACIP.

The project includes:
3.63 miles of Alazán Creek
3.83 miles of Apache Creek
2.81 miles of Martínez Creek
3.82 miles of San Pedro Creek                                                                                                                                                                             1.44 miles of Zarzamora Creek 



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