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Community Involvement

The Westside Creeks Restoration Project is a community-based planning effort initiated in 2008 by the San Antonio River Authority with support from the Board of Directors, and in particular, Director Roberto Rodriguez a lifelong resident of the Westside who witnessed the 1946 flood and channelization of the creeks. The project’s mission is to develop concepts for restoration of the Alazán, Apache, Martínez and San Pedro Creeks, maintain or enhance the current flood control components of these creeks, improve water quality, increase biological diversity, provide increased opportunities for people to enjoy these urban creeks and suggest the redevelopment potential along their margins.


Open and transparent dialogue with the community is a cornerstone of the Westside Creeks Restoration Project.  To receive notices of public meetings and Westside Creeks Restoration Oversight committee meetings please fill out a form on the Contact Us Tab.