Linear Trails along Apache, San Pedro, Alazan and Martínez Creeks

Construction Progress:

Alazán Creekway Trail Progress
Martínez Creekway Trail Progress
Apache/San Pedro Creekways Trail Progress

The City of San Antonio Parks Development and Expansion Venue Project Proposition 2, which was approved by voters on November 2, 2010, will provide funding for Westside Creeks hike and bike trails, including Apache Creek which is adjacent to Elmendorf Lake Park. Allocation of funding to Westside Creeks hike and bike trail projects was supported through resolutions approved by the Parks and Recreation Board and Creekways Advisory Board in 2011.

The City of San Antonio and San Antonio River Authority are working together to design and construct the project. The San Antonio River Authority serves as the project manager with the City providing funding for the project. The team of Terra Design Group and Arcadis will lead the effort through the completion of design.

The Westside Creeks hike and bike trail improvements are intended to complement SARA's Westside Creeks Restoration Project, which is focused on environmental restoration and public enhancement of the Alazán, Apache, and Martinez and San Pedro creeks. These creeks were channelized as part of a federal flood control project in the 1950s. Under the direction and funding of SARA, the Westside Creeks Restoration Oversight Committee (WCROC) has initiated the Westside Creeks Restoration Project plan with goals including environmental enhancements, flood control improvements, bank stabilization, erosion control, water quality enhancement, and creating and retaining of habitat for fish and area wildlife. The goals also include development of recreational amenities specifically including hike and bike trails which will build on the existing City-wide trails network.

The project includes the construction of Hike and Bike trails along Apache Creek from 19th Street to San Pedro Creek, San Pedro Creek from Apache Creek to the San Antonio River, Alazán Creek from Woodlawn Lake to Lombrano Street, and Martinez Creek from Fredericksburg Road to Cincinnati Avenue.

Trails 1A (Martinez & Alazán)

Trails 1B (Apache downstream of Elmendorf Lake)

* Estimated

** Tentative Date

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