Elmendorf Lake Improvements Progress

Contractors have begun work on the Elmendorf Lake Park Improvements Project. Improvements will include the addition of three pedestrian bridges, two miles of trails, improved picnic plazas overlooking the lake, a large plaza for public gatherings, improved lighting and expanded parking. With additional bridge connections to the island, the island will be improved with a paved trail, a picnic plaza and a floating fishing pier. To support enhanced water quality, recirculation features will be added to the lake. There will be fountains on the lake’s surface and bubblers placed on the floor of the lake. Water will also be recirculated through a wetland adding to the movement of water. Within the park, rain gardens will be constructed along Commerce Street to capture storm water runoff prior to entering the lake.

Through the added trails system, pedestrians will be able to safely cross underneath Commerce Street and 24th Street. These trails will provide connections to the retail center at Commerce and 24th Streets, Our Lady of the Lake University, and the existing Apache Creek Trail that connects Commerce to General McMullen Street.

Click on the images to see the updated progress!




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